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125 years ago, an impoverished man named Tanuskhdas Agarwal was trudging along the sub-baked city of Bikaner in the middle of the desert. Little did he know that his name would be remembered for a long time and that he was about to begin one of the largest business empires in the country. However, at that time, Tanuskhdas Agarwal was quite poor and he decided to make his living by selling snacks on the side of the streets. At first, the going was quite hard. No one wanted to buy from him, which forced him to seek out customers himself. Soon people came around when they noticed that the man was selling good quality snacks consistently. From there, his name grew. After making adequate profits within a few years, he bought his first shop from where he started selling ‘bhujia’, which became legendary, first all around Bikaner and then slowly all over Rajasthan. Unfortunately, few of his children other than his son Mr. Bhikharam took an active interest in the business. Most of them preferred to make their living by selling nutmeg and fennel. Only Mr. Bhikharam saw the importance, significance and future of the business as made by his father. It was due to his efforts and that of his son after him, Mr. Chandmal, that the business expanded significantly. Branches opened all over Rajasthan and orders came from various parts of India. It was after the time of Mr. Bhikharam and Mr. Chandmal that the shop was named Bhikaram Chandmal. The name was so chosen by their children and grandchildren as it was the tradition to name businesses after their ancestors. Mr. Chandmal’s sons took a serious effort in growing the business. Since then, the business has become synonymous with good quality snacks and sweets. Today, they have diversified into other fields as well, including potato chips, making their total product lines more than 100. Their products continue to delight the taste buds of people within and outside the country! We invite you to contact us regarding franchises and business opportunities. Bhikaram Chandmal is a growing brand name in the country. There has never been a better time than now to join hands with this famed organisation which always seeks to provide high quality sweets and snacks.

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From product manufacturing to packaging, we follow a strict quality control method and maintain the international standard. To ensure maximum safety and hygiene, we prohibit skin contact throughout the whole procedure. The freshness and taste our products reflects its quality. Made with exclusive recipes, our sweets and snacks are a pure delight to your taste buds. Currently, we are offering 100 different kinds of snacks and sweets.